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The Towellers Advantage

Established in 1973, on the back of humble beginnings with 6 terry looms, Towellers Limited grew under the hard work and dynamic leadership of it's founder Mr. Shaikh Muhammad Obaid, a first generation entrepreneur, to become a global leader in the world of textiles.

The company today has infiltrated its brand and presence in the manufacturing of bath, bedroom, kitchen, and institutional and knit apparel. Towellers is a fully integrated textile manufacturer that recognizes the importance of design and product development, embracing technology and innovating products for the indulgent and the practical.

Ours is a driven work force, creative and efficient we use the liberty of our vertical set up to play with different yarn, colors and construction remaining contemporary and achieving the standard of quality and finishing we stand by.

Towellers Limited exports to over 20 countries of the world and serves customers that range from hospitals and hotels to hypermarkets and retailers.

Quick Stats

  • Established: 1973
  • Total Exports: $40 million
  • Employees: 2000+
  • Annual Towel Production: 12 million pounds
  • Annual Garment Production: 6 million pieces