Fashion-forward and functional apparel

Towellers is one of the largest knitwear apparel manufacturers in Pakistan. It has an end-to-end process from knitting to finished garments and a complete vertical setup, to ensure quality across the entire apparel division. The processes are streamlined due to dedicated product development teams consisting of designers, pattern makers, and sewing technicians.

The apparel division at Towellers has seen exponential growth over the last decade due to exceptional fabric development and ethical practices in manufacturing.

The apparel division can manufacture a diverse range of products from basic lines to washed and embellished value-added collections with a socially compliant unit, certified by all major retailers. All processes involved from knitting to packaging are conducted within the premises ensuring a standard quality for all products.

The knitting capabilities in circular knits include interlock, jersey, pique, French terry, 2-end, and 3-end fleece, and yarn-dyed feeder stripes.

Production Capacity: 18 million garments annually