Seriously Sustainable

Towellers is a firm believer in upholding sustainability standards to minimize the impact of textile manufacturing and production, on the environment. These standards function to prioritize the health and safety of workers, maintain human rights as well as protect the environment.

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Our Sustainability Impact

*as of January 1, 2022

435 tons

CO2 Emissions Reduced

450 tons

Coal Saved


Trees Planted

Conscious of the Planet

Responsibly Sourced Fabric

As a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Towellers uses eco-friendly fabric, obtained from sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. The company prides itself on providing top-quality fabric that is responsibly sourced.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Towellers introduced the ERP System, which enables a paperless environment and supports sustainable manufacturing. The company reevaluates its practices every year and strives to become more responsible in its manufacturing and production.

Solar Panels

Towellers has solar panels installed across all three of its production sites, generating over 1 Megawatt of energy.

  • 530 KW at T-4
  • 398 KW at the Dyehouse
  • 100 KW at the Head Office
Safe Chemicals

The company uses Oeko-Tex-certified, non-hazardous chemicals in all its manufacturing, production, and dyeing processes to make sure it is safe for humans and the environment.

Waste Water Management

Towellers has installed a wastewater effluent treatment plant and is planning to extend the unit to initiate recycling.

Traceability System

The company has implemented a traceability system. A traceable system allows information to come from a reliable system regarding sustainability.

Going the Extra Mile

Energy Efficiency

  • 75-80% less electricity consumed due to LED lights.
  • 30% power reduction by replacing main motors with inverter drives.
  • 90% energy loss reduction by insulating all steam and condensate return pipes.

Water Conservation

  • Installed water-efficient equipment with a low liquor ratio.
  • Installed machinery for the recovery and reuse of condensate water.
  • Installed economizer on the steam boiler for the feed water tank.