Towel Experts
since 1973

Dubbed 'The Towel Experts', Towellers is one of the leading terry exporters in Pakistan. From producing luxurious towels to lightweight healthcare products, it caters to all customers. Towellers has served the institutional sectors of North America with its products in all major hospitals and hotels. The company has also tapped into the retail sector and infiltrated hypermarkets in Europe, the US, and South America.

The company has specialized equipment to produce tucked-in selvedge towels for the institutional market along with industrial laundering and in-house lab testing. Towellers has the expertise to make dobby and cam border towels, hemmed towels, custom-weaved jacquard towels, and embroidered, printed, yarn-dyed, and plain towels.

Furthermore, our design team develops several collections a year with unique products to meet the shift in consumer patterns including design-centric, sustainable towels, and thirsty cotton.

Production Capacity: 3000 tonnes annually

Institutional Towels

Retail Towels